Babco Group

BABCO is a group of companies consisting of Behin Andish Barzin, Behin Andish Barman and Behin Andish Barsam. In BABCO, we are offering the following services:

  • Drafting of the Energy Conversion Agreement;
  • Providing technical, commercial, financial and legal advisory services for investment projects in the power sector;
  • Performing and leading negotiations;
  • Preparation of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts for development of infrastructure projects;
  • Supporting clients to obtain the required permissions and approvals from all concerned governmental authorities including the Ministries, Central Bank of Iran and the High Economic Council;
  • Arranging financing for infrastructure projects;
  • Negotiating with the international financing banks and Export Credit Agencies (ECAs);
  • Providing engineering, procurement and project management services;
  • Providing services for contracts, claim management and trading; and
  • Providing professional training about our field of activities.

Behin Andish Barman and Behin Andish Barsam are mainly dedicated to trading and procurement services in different fields including automotive parts, pharmaceuticals and oil & Gas. We have partners in different countries including South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and Germany helping us offer our services all over the world.