Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue” brought together key international decision makers in foreign energy and energy policy, industry, science and civil society as well as foremost energy experts from all over the world. They discussed the latest energy developments, innovative political instruments, new investment opportunities and future business propositions deriving from the ongoing transformation of the global energy sector. The conference was hosted by the German Federal Government in cooperation with the Renewable Energy Federation (BEE), the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar), the German Energy Agency (dena), and eclareon.

In addition to the two-day conference programme, participants were able to personally experience the Energiewende by joining the official side events and study tours on offer throughout the entire week of 20 – 24 March 2017.

Managing Director of Thermal Power Plants Holding Company (TPPH), Mr. Mohsen Tarztalab together with Mr. Mohammad Sadeghzadeh, Deputy Minister & the Head of Suna, had also been attended this conference on behalf of Ministry of Energy.

You can download the file of TPPH’s presentation after filling the form hereunder:


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