Iranian Electricity Market Outline

Iranian Electricity Market is under control of Iran Grid Management Company (IGMC) who is one of the subsidiaries of TAVANIR. It was in late 2001 that Iran Electricity Regulatory Board (IERB) was established. The main activities of this committee were to study the existing electricity markets of the other countries. The goal of those studies was to exploit the past experiences in the world. After all, the model of IEM was proposed and based on this model, the “buying and selling electricity regulations” was legislated by the council of ministers in September 2003. Finally it was in 23th November 2003 that the IEM officially begins to work, the market providing a competitive environment for selling trading electric power. Following to this newly born electricity market, Iran Grid Management Company (IGMC) was established in fall 2004.

In the following link you can find the procedures and options that producers have in electricity market:

Introduction of Iranian Electricity Market

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