Zahedan Combined Cycle Power Plant

In 2017, we were awarded a contract by Star Trade Consultants Ltd (STC) for providing engineering and consulting services for EPC Contract of Zahedan Combined Cycle Power Plant Project with the capacity of 450 MW. This project, which is going to be financed by the investors on BOO basis, is located near Haji Abad village, Zahedan City, Sistan and Baluchestan Province that is in high demand of electricity.

We are in the process of preparing technical and commercial documents of the EPC contract to be concluded with Mapna company.

The requested scope of services are as follows:

  1. Preparation of technical documents (including technical specifications) and commercial documents (including Contract Agreement, General Conditions, and Particular Condition) of the EPC contract;
  2. Providing required clarifications;
  3. Evaluation of contractor’s proposal;
  4. Final contractual negotiations with Mapna and preparing the final commercial text of the EPC contract.