Rudbar Lorestan Dam and Hydropower Plant

In 2011, we drafted through Behin Andish Barman, for Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. (IWPC), an EPCF contract to be used as a basis for the development of Rudbar Lorestan Dam & Hydropower Plant Project. The project is located in the Zagros Mountains approximately 100km south of the town of Aligoodarz in Lorestan province. The elevation of the site is approximately 1300m above sea level (masl) at the proposed powerhouse location, approximately 1760masl at the proposed dam crest elevation and over 2500masl on the adjacent peaks. The dam site is located approximately at 49°41'7" east and 32°54'23" north. The dam body has a section with an upstream slope of 0.2:1 below 1756masl and a downstream slope of 0.8:1, intersecting with the upstream face at 1763masl. The dam crest is 8m wide, connecting to the downstream face on a curve with a 20m radius.

Rudbar Lorestan Hydropower Dam Body

The powerhouse is located on the right bank of the Alkan river some 38km downstream (by river) of the dam. The powerhouse is a reinforced concrete building and has installed in it two 225MW vertical francis turbine generator units together with all associated auxiliaries for the export of generated power at 400kv.

We prepared the Contract Agreement, Particular Conditions of Contract (including the Financing Arrangement), Appendix to Tender and Schedule of Guarantees and Liquidated Damages and supervised the work of a consulting engineer to complete the Employer’s Requirements, Time Schedule and Bill of Quantities in a coherent and acceptable manner. We used FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant & Design-Build, First Edition 1999, as the general conditions

Based on the draft prepared, we then negotiated and finalized the EPCF contract with a Chinese contractor.

After signing of the EPCF contract, we helped IWPC obtain the required permissions and approvals from all concerned governmental authorities including the Ministry of Energy, Central Bank of Iran and the Economic Council. We were also involved in the negotiation with the Chinese financing bank which led to finalization of the financing agreement between the lender and borrower and opening of the project’s letter of credit.

Our negotiation for Rudbar Lorestan Dam & Hydropower Plant Project paved the way for establishment of the first credit line between Central Bank of Iran and Sinosure of China.

The project is now starting its operation phase.